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Eric DiVito


Gemini (not a big believer in horoscopes though!)

The Eric DiVito Trio (a jazz trio), The Eric DiVito Group (a jazz quartet), Eric DiVito (guitar soloist), and PepperSpray (RHCP Tribute).  

Hot Pink or Black:
err…I like Black, I guess, but I wear regular pink sometimes…???


How did you get started in music:
I began as a percussionist in my 4th grade band and learned to read music on percussion instruments and played in the school concert bands throughout elementary middle school.  I picked up guitar around age 11 and then played in the school orchestra and in the Jazz ensembles throughout middle and high school.  I was very much influenced by my 6th grade band teacher.


Favorite tools for the trade:
In addition to always having a Jazz guitar, a nylon string guitar, and a steel string guitar so I am prepared for any gig, I never leave the house anymore without extra extension cords…  My Acoustic Image amplifier and Flite Sound custom speaker cabinet are pretty important too.

What quality about music makes it all worth it:
Mainly imrpovising and working on creative arrangements, also interacting with other musicians and expressing myself and finding  voice through composition and improvisation.
What can Long Island expect from me in 2012:
Hopefully more performances with the release of my debut studio Jazz record,Breaking the Ice (PJC Records, 2012) available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

Free Shout Out:
Please check out the new record at www.cdbaby.com/cd/ericdivito as well as upcoming gigs at www.ericdivito.com.

All images and video provided by Eric DiVito. All Rights Reserved.

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