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Wednesday Night on Long Island was graced by one of music top legends, Don Henley! 

The Paramount brings some of the biggest and best musicians here and April 3rd was no different! Don Henley presented his modest talent to a full house. The stage was on fire when they wasted no time kicking off the show with Dirty Laundry. Always amazing how the most talented musicians are so humble. Don comes out on stage in jeans and a flannel. Laid back and smitten with his California style attitude. One of his best features if I can say so myself. New York minute was geologically fitting for the venue. As always the lights are the cherry on top of the pie at this venue and the lighting crew didn’t miss a beat. The lights thumped with the music and the sound was crisper than a sparrow on the ledge of your Sunday morning spring window. Wish Don Henley came to town more! 

One of my personal highlights from the show was sitting on a bench gathering my camera gear. The Last Worthless Evening was playing and some young girl fled across the bar floor saying “Oh my God! I didn’t know he sang this song!” I smiled while feeling old but laughed at the irony of music just the same. Sometimes we may have no idea who an artist is but love their song or lyric. I really hoped that girl went home and schooled herself with a nice music lesson on Don Henley. Oh what she may find out! 

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