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Colbie Caillat graced the stage of Long Islands Paramount last night!


Colbie Caillat walked on to the stage exactly as fans would expect: modest and talented. This musician is a class act and there is no doubt about it! The radiance of her down to earth, California style lite up the stage last night at the Paramount. Her hits from Coco put her on the music charts in 2007 but she was destined for a career in music long before that.

Her father Ken Caillet produced Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors in 1977 and Tusk in 1979. Her parents Ken and Diane both taught her to learn the business side of the music industry. Not just singing songs but writing them and being involved in  producing them (MTV cribs  episode 1602).

Check out this grammy winner duet from 2008 Lucky with Jason Mraz

Another clip of Colbie in action and one of my favorite mixes she has done. Fast car/Break Even Mixup.

Her relationships with people like producer Mikal Blue, co-grammy winner Jason Mraz, and co-writer Jason Reeves added to her success. Her heartfelt brand of an all American Cali girl is all hers!

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