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Within dark sky blue walls at the top of the hill in Port Jefferson sits one of Long Islands fondest memories and our newest music venue on Long Island, KJ Farrell’s House of Brews.

Walking in you’re going to feel the sense of all of the good times had at this place. From the old days of The Village Pub to Lulu’s this place sparks musical memories with everyone that attended. Fortunately for Suffolk county, it’s new success lays in the hands of one of Long Island’s sharpest venue owners, Kevin Sheehan from KJ Farrell’s in Bellmore, N.Y.

Although the layout is still the same it’s been renewed and the nostalgia of all the memories and good times live on. Friendly faces greet you from behind the lit up, top shelf, decorated bar. The staff is ready to offer you your buy back as a thanks for your business in appreciation for stopping in to visit.

The dining areas have been extended and the bathrooms have all been redone. They are set to expect the company of some of the finest.

Along the walls are puzzled trails of musical artwork. Lyrics from some of the most memorable artists have been captured in a cool and enchanting manner. You have to spend the time walking around as if you were in an art gallery to heed their soulful connection.


Above the stage waving high like a flag is the best fusion of the sexiest instrument and your favorite drink, brews. It is the KJ Farrell’s House of Brews logo. Beautifully framed at center stage it commands attention as the overall framing of the whole stage, where all of the music is made. You can feel the promise to deliver great music.

Great sounds flickered off the stage with Soul Picnic followed by the sweet sound of the seventies from Billboard Live. The bass of the drums beats like a heartbeat through anyone in the room perfectly. The sound is set up to pull people towards the dance floor for maximum entertainment.

KJ Farrell’s House of Brews brings it all together: from the finely framed artwork, to the music and the ambiance. I have no doubt KJ Farrell’s sister location will be a place we can all go for years to come!

Visit Kj Farrell’s House of Brews at 1509 Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY

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