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The Long Island music scene is on fire lately! As a woman that loves to rock, I personally LOVE my fellow woman of Long Island that are rockin’ it out. The shear admiration I have for most of these musicians regardless of their gender cannot be put into words. If you friended me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, you know, I am just as passionate about the musicians as they are about their music. Every show I go to is entered with any open mind and a bit of excitement especially when it is something new that I have not seen. So regardless to say my mind was ravished by the musical production that Amber Ferrari put on at The Vail Leavitt in Riverhead recently!

Firstly, the atmosphere of the Vail Leavitt speaks for itself. It is an historical architectural museum of how music and arts were enjoyed that dates back to 1881. I am glad that it was spared wreckage! To see a show there of any kind is just  inspiring and very emotional.

Next, my love for Janis Joplin and her influence on music is something I share with many. She was ahead of her time, talented, and a person that was not afraid to be who she was no matter what. Those qualities added to her performances are a handful for any one person to handle. She was one that was taken too soon from her musical influence.

To see the enactment (and such a GREAT one at that) of Amber Ferrari and Rock The Legends of Rock really blew me away! It was clearly a production that Amber put a lot of care, creativity, research, and effort into making a perfect rendition. I do believe had Janis still been with us it may not be that different of a performance. It truly took me to a time where I could imagine Janis actually delivering the performance. I believe The Vail Leavitt and it’s historical qualities may have added to the overall feeling. Amber not only has the voice to pull off Janis but did a great job enacting all of the little idiosyncrasies that we may have witnessed back in the 70’s from Janis herself.

If you get a chance I would recommend getting out to the Amber Ferrari and Joplin’s Pearl: Rock The Legends of Rock show. You can check out the next show at the Riverhead Blues Festival in June that is back on! Or for July go here for the show at Theatre Three in Port Jefferson. Later following is a September show at the Patchogue Theatre. If your on facebook get connected to Joplin’s Pearl or Amber Ferrari to stay in touch with newly added shows. This show is selling and it is a MUST see!

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