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A regular stroll into The Blue Parrot on a typical Friday night…. No way! 

Finally got to The Blue Parrot last night. It’s a far drive but always worth it. The atmosphere and people are the best there. You can always feel at home and have good time. It was a normal Friday and Randy Jackson was playing his acoustic set. A quick meet up with some friends and I planned on it being just like any other night. Definitely NOT! Hanging out in the bar were musical icons Terry Brock from Strangeways, Deana Dee from Heartless Tribute Band, and Tomibass from Vagabond Garden. Their modest behaviour was the most charming!  I always wonder if people with such talent and star quality know how they really affect people around them…

Randy Jackson one of my favorite advocates of  the Long Island music scene had these musical gems chime in to the entertainment. The evening resulted in many things.  Mostly the unexpected nature of the entire night seemed to fulfill a purpose for everyone there! The talent, entertainment, and love of music was diffused throughout The Blue Parrot.

The result, lots of great media! Randy with Terry, Terry with Deana, and Tomibass, Deana, and Terry! Too much talent in one place is always a GREAT thing.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

To follow any of these artists or check out a show you can go here:

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