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wpid-20130810_192232_LLS.JPGAlthough I am still upset the set list included no “Soul Singing” by the water on Long Island I did have a great time. The Friday set list was better (IMO). But I learned my lesson a long time ago about the Black Crowes.  They are always keeping it real. Mixing as much of their jams into a show while never being the entertainers [and we all know them] that repeat their entire set down to the jokes they make in between the songs night after night. You would never get that at any of their shows.


As always, Chris entertained with his hippie-infused dance moves that led the jam sessions. I’m always amazed how he just makes loving what he does look so fun. I swear his hair flinging really is the queue for the band to stop and begin again! It’s always fun to watch no matter what set or theater.


On a different note the Samsung Galaxy I was testing out was returned. It wasn’t worth the money. My pics came out blurry, the night mode didn’t deliver, and the overall ease of the social sharing time was not nearly as good as promised. Back to the drawing board for my easy, portable posting solution! But I hope you all enjoy what documentary shots I did get.


Check out some video from the show Saturday:

For all tour dates and media check out their website here.

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